Your Gift

Mary Scaletta
Oct 8, 2022

Your thoughts are gifts
Gently worded.
They heal and reveal
Something new only you
Could have put together.

You are unique and gifted.
Your experiences and light
See something like no other.
Like a snowflake with no match.

Your thoughts…
The gentle — or not so gentle — weaving
Of experience, concepts, learning, and wonder,
Into a tapestry of wisdom…

Then your thoughts shine forth
In your words.

Your words…
The outward expression
Of the inner light
Filled with truth
Be it universal or only yours,
Laid out to light the path
Of those who come behind,

The otherwise blind…

So, give your gift liberally,
It shows us the way,
Inwardly and outwardly
To more life and peace and love and rest
With less strife and war and hate and death.

Your thoughts are your gift.