Don’t Play with Fire!

Mary Scaletta
Jul 2, 2022
Photo by Igor Haritanovich:

Our present situation is dire.
People dine midst germ crossfire.
Cause the sick are free to virus respire.
Flying’s just spreading Covid… but higher.

The public wants their pacifier,
When Covid could their brains rewire.
Many new health problems acquire,
That make them always overtire.

The vaccine? Just a modifier.
Official tests? Not quantifiers.
Home tests? Often falsifiers.
So, ignorance? The great justifier.

True science has no amplifier,
Cause absent are our town criers.
We’re letting the spread be a multiplier.
We whisper “Let it rip! Let the variants sire!”

Sufficient masks we don’t require.
Just let all swim in the virus mire!
We just caved to right’s drumfire,
Because they had the louder choir.

The cautious are on their own entire.
They’re the only ones that I admire,
Those who for hard truth inquire
And are clear: Don’t play with fire!